Leadership Challenge

LC Algemene Informatie

Locatie Israël
Datum 29 oktober – 02 november 2020
Prijs € 1599 (excl. BTW, excl vlucht)
Max. deelnemers 40
Aanvang 3 oktober om 21 uur
Einde 6 oktober om 13:00 uur

Leadership ChallenGe?

4M The Netherlands has taken over ten thousand men and women on transformation trips in the wilderness in the past ten years and specializes in inspiration and training trips for entrepreneurs under the 4LIFE label.

entrepeneurship from the source

A unforgettable journey through Israël and the Bible. Your perspective on Jesus and doing business will change forever.

You will travel through Israël from south to north with a small group of business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who have the desire to strengthen their leadership and growth in entrepreneurship while receiving high-impact training in doing business and leadership, based on Jesus’s teaching from out the bible . We will be inspired while we take our journey through Psalm 1, where we bear fruit, flourish and stand like a tree will be centre topics.

This is the ultimate Israël experience in five days for professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders. What makes this trip unique is that you will receive teaching in the setting and at the location where the Bible stories took place.

The LC is for men ages 25 and up who are entrepreneurs, professionals or business leaders. The LC is not a retreat. Most of our time is spent outdoors. Make sure you can walk for several hours ,you don’t need to be superhumanly fit but be prepared you are the more likely to thrive. You will not have your phone or watch. Space is limited to 40 leaders, we operate in teams of 8-10 men. Teams walk considerable distances carrying a light day pack.

The program starts with trekking and sleeping outside in the Negev desert. From the desert you travel to the Dead Sea. After an overnight stay you will climb the Massada the next morning. The next day you spend in Jerusalem, including a visit to the Garden of Getsemane. Also having some free time to explore Jerusalem yourselve. In Jerusalem you stay in the old citycenter with impressive views of the city. From Jerusalem we travel together to the north, where we walk a part of the Jesus trail from Nazareth to Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. This route was also used by Jesus and his disciples in the past. You spend the last night in Galilee, after which we will travel back to Tel Aviv the next day and will be heading home again.


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